Barnes does a lot of our billboards, both static and digital in Coshocton, Cambridge, Newark, and Zanesville. I’ve been here 20 years and in some capacity, I’ve worked with Maryjane for at least that long. Being in marketing, we look for our best value, and their billboards are great. Their digital billboard colors are great. They’re clean, they’re crisp, and very eye catching. It gives us that visual medium that we’re looking for. The process is seamless. I get the creative from Anheuser Busch, I send it down to Rob, and within minutes we know that it’s going to be in the digital rotation. I still truly believe that the visual medium is really effective. If you think about the amount of cars that are on the streets anymore, and even though it’s a plugged-in world, people are still visually looking at what’s going on; especially the digital billboards. They grab you! It’s a great value for your money. I feel very pleased that we are in that category of Barnes’ satisfied customers.  There are a lot of parallels with our company and Barnes. Matesich Distributing started out in Zanesville, Ohio, they’re still a family-owned business, and they’re still very community-oriented, and I think that parallel speaks volumes.

Kelly DyarMarketing Team LeaderMatesich Distributing Co.Newark, Ohio

We have worked with Barnes Advertising for four years and have really enjoyed the Barnes team. They have great competitive pricing and employees who are easy to work with on all fronts – from sales, to creative, to ownership. Outdoor advertising is important to us as we need to have visibility outside of our four walls to help direct customers to our business. Customers often give us positive feedback that they saw our billboard and were directed to our stores. If you are considering outdoor advertising, we highly recommend working with Barnes Advertising.

Amy S. WaltersBuffalo Wild WingsCambridge, Chillicothe, and Zanesville, OH

Working with Chad Demattei has been a very pleasant experience! Chad made our CAREGivers very relaxed while he photographed them to use on our billboards. He did a great job in providing us with all of the information needed in order to make a decision about our billboards, and he followed through with everything promised. We are very excited about our upcoming billboards! Thank you for providing such a great service through your knowledgeable and personable employees.

Sandra BensonRecruitment & Retention CoordinatorHome Instead Senior CareGranville, OH

RMG has worked with Barnes Advertising for 25 years. From our experience, Barnes has always been honest, fair, and solid operators. They are most enjoyable to deal with and are known to pay bills on time.  RMG provides Barnes with a bolt together high quality sign (billboard) kit for static or digital copy. We would highly recommend and refer Barnes Advertising due to their solid and fair business philosophy.

Bob MeyerPresidentRMG Outdoor, Inc.Phoenix, AZ

We went on the air in 1947 and Barnes was the billboard company of record at that time. In 1991, we switched to be a country station and had a greater need for outdoor advertising, and that’s when we really started using Barnes heavily. Licking County has always been the epicenter for WCLT and we want to get our home base covered. In 1990, the area outside of Licking County became more important to us. Barnes has impact and coverage in Muskingum County and Knox County and those were the targeted counties that we wanted, so it was very easy to deal with one vendor and get the coverage in those new areas that we now had interest in. Outdoor advertising is important not only to WCLT, but the radio industry in general. A significant amount of radio listenership goes on in the car. When people are in the car, outdoor advertising is the visual medium. Billboards are a natural companion for radio.  For billboard coverage in Central Ohio, Barnes is very easy to work with and very effective. They’ve got a great footprint.”

Doug PricerWCLTNewark, Ohio

We have worked with Barnes for over 25 years. Our representative, Stephanie is great to work with. We usually have two to three billboards up at a time. If we have a need for creativity, Barnes really steps it up and makes it look fantastic. We definitely hear from people coming to us and saying, ‘hey, we saw your billboard,’ especially during the holidays. We’ll do very creative campaigns and some funny pics with our employees. Outdoor is big for us. We feel that you have to have that outdoor presence. One of the biggest things about outdoor advertising is you can’t turn it off. It’s always on.”


Patrick PughPugh's Diamond JewelersZanesville, Ohio

We’ve worked with Barnes for about 20-years. We love the creativity of Barnes. When we have a very unique and creative billboard go up, we usually get a lot of feedback. During Valentine’s Day, the creative they made us was a giant chocolate dipped strawberry that we have at Giacamo’s. We get compliments on that all of the time, which that obviously drives sales. The imagery speaks more than the words on the board. We put a lot more weight on outdoor advertising than we do on other traditional outlets like newspaper, T.V. or radio. We would definitely recommend Barnes Advertising. They do a lot of good for the community through donations and fundraisers. We’re a family owned business and like to support other family businesses around the area.”

Adrian AdornettoAdornetto's / Giacamo's / Old Market House InnZanesville, Ohio

Barnes provides us with electronic billboards, and other billboard services, along with sign options throughout all of the markets that we serve. They’re very creative and they provide just outstanding service, from the sales process, right on through to implementation in the field. We believe outdoor advertising is an important part of marketing our services and products. The outdoor advertising strategically placed allows us to put the names and faces of our people out in front of the public. It is just wonderful to see a locally owned company that really truly believes in the community. We would highly recommend Barnes. We’ve been side-by-side for over thirty two years together in the community, working hand-in-hand. We like to communicate from Century and say thank you for the outstanding service that you provide to us.”

Jody SpencerCentury National BankZanesville, Ohio & Surrounding Counties

After trying many different forms of advertising and wondering every time I passed a Billboard if that would really work,  we decided to give it a shot after a couple of years of being reluctant. One day, Chad Demattei came in my office and changed my mind. After explaining the benefits of outdoor advertising, I was hooked. Now we include outdoor advertising in our strategy. The rewards and response we get is overwhelming. Thanks to Chad and the whole crew at Barnes for doing a great job from beginning to end. 

Robert R. HowardQuality Monument Services IncNew Lexington, Ohio

I cannot believe it has almost been a year since the billboard went up!  Thank you all for everything. It was so exciting to see it all come together, especially with the art team working so hard to make it a real eye catcher! We can’t thank you enough for making a moment in time – 4/20 at 4:20 PM that we, as residents of Fairfield County set aside a few moments to pray against the drug epidemic in our county.  I believe we had over 2,000 hits to the website during those three weeks that the billboard was up. Instead of 4/20 representing a day for marijuana smokers, etc… I believe we stormed the gates of heaven and we are seeing the fruits and miracles that have come from that.

Thank you again for helping us to take back Fairfield County for God.

The Lancaster-Fairfield County Prayer TeamFairfield County, Ohio