Secretary of State Presents Certificate of Commendation to Barnes Outdoor Advertising Corporation

We are very honored to have received this certificate of commendation from the Secretary of State, John Husted.

"This certificate of Commendation is tendered on behalf of the people of the State of Ohio as a small token of their sincere gratitude and admiration for your exemplary work and devotion to establishing and growing a business here in Ohio.

You are hereby recognized for your commitment and continued service. Your unwavering adherence to excellence is a testament to your focus and determination and should serve as an inspiration to others for what can be achieved with such dedication.

As Ohio's 53rd Secretary of State, it is my honor and unique distinction to recognize and commend you on your 100th anniversary. May your good and honorable work continue to stand as a measure for those who follow, inspiring them to believe in and work for the betterment of the lives of the people and communities throughout the state of Ohio."Secretary of State Certificate